the kingsway


Past and Present

This was a brief set in the second year named Word, Image, Place. We were given an area of Swansea to focus the project on. I was given the Kingsway. The aim of the project is to reminisce on the past and celebrate it at its present. My final outcome came together as a concertina. I loved stepping back digitally for a while and using collage for this brief. I enjoyed this project so much that I adapted the concept and style to create 'The Nostalgia Project'. 

Concertina Book.jpg
Concertina Book2.jpg
Concertina Book4.jpg
Concertina Book5.jpg
Concertina Book3.jpg
Concertina Book8.jpg
Concertina Book6.jpg
Concertina Book7.jpg
Concertina Book9.jpg
Concertina Book10.jpg